The Purgatoire River Water Conservancy District has developed or participated in the following water
conservation projects with numerous partners.

The District was successful in receiving a grant in the amount of $75,000 from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a joint project with
the City of Trinidad to rehabilitate Central Park Lake in Trinidad.  The project consists of dredging the lake, removing cattails and
other vegetation.  It also includes shaping and rip-rapping the banks of the lake.  When completed, an excellent trout fishery will be
available for youth and handicapped persons.  The District is providing $ 20,000 cash and the City of Trinidad is providing $ 20,000
of in-kind services to match the grant monies.

Satellite Gaging Program

With financial assistance from the United States Bureau of Reclamation, the District completed installation of satellite data collection
platforms on six project ditches.  This was completed in November, 2007.  These gages will provide real-time diversion data and will
be very helpful in better conserving the scarce water resources available for project Operations.

Tamarisk Control Task Force

In conjunction with numerous Federal, State and Local entities and private organizations, the District is contributing funding and staff
assistance to the Tamarisk Control Task Force.  The mission is to eradicate tamarisk (also known as tamarack and salt cedar) and
other non-native invasive species from the Purgatoire River watershed.  This will result in substantial water conservation in the basin
and help establish native habitat for wildlife in the area.

Acreage Verification System  (AVS)

As a result of agreements with the Arkansas River Compact Administration, the District has developed an acreage verification system
which identifies all irrigated parcels within the Project area.  The system uses a very sophisticated mapping technique which employs
satellite imagery with one meter resolution for verification of irrigated acreage.

Canal Loss Studies

In conjunction with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR),  the District
has completed a four year evaluation of canal losses on all the Project ditches except the Burns & Duncan and Llewelling McCormick
ditches.  The USGS has finalized the report which identifies major losing reaches of the ditches and head gate and measuring device
upgrades that are needed.  This information will be used to identify future water conservation measures to be undertaken by the

NRCS Conservation Program

In partnership with the Spanish Peaks - Purgatoire Soil Conservation District, the PRWCD has participated in a three year water
conservation project which provided funding to farmers in the Project area for installation of gated pipe and other measures to
enhance irrigation efficiency.

Xeriscape Project

The District has participated in a Xeriscape demonstration with Trinidad State Junior College.  The project consisted of developing a
Xeriscape park in Trinidad to demonstrate the variety of vegetation that can be used to reduce urban water use while creating an
attractive landscape environment.

Arkansas River Basin Water Forum

The District sponsored the 2005 annual meeting of the Arkansas River Basin Water Forum.  Over 150 people attended the two day
meeting in Trinidad.  The focus of the 2005 meeting was on water quality, developed water from methane production, groundwater
and other topics of interest within the theme of "Cool, Clear Water".  The District continues to provide funding to the Forum for each
annual meeting.

Evergreen Resources Litigation

Along with the Colorado Attorney General, the District successfully opposed an application, in Division II Water Court, by Evergreen
Resources seeking to have the water produced by coal-bed methane declared to be outside the Colorado system of priority
appropriations.  After extensive technical testimony and legal argument, the Water Court found that such water is tributary
groundwater, waters of the State, and therefore subject to the statutory system of appropriation.


The District has developed a comprehensive website which includes updates on District activities, upcoming meetings of interest as
well as links to Federal, State and Local websites of Interest.  
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